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December 15th, 2015

Steam (Windows, Mac, & Linux)


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In near future America, the emergence of corporate monopolies has placed a strangle hold on the economy. Among a glut of mass privatization, corporations begin contracting private military security firms to protect their assets. Setting a controversial precedent, defense contractor Grand Robotics Inc. deploys a security firm to be their Mergers and Acquisitions arm. After a failed attempt to buy out competing Bartleby Automation, Grand Robotics turns to their private security firm to execute a hostile takeover of Bartleby. The firm storms Bartleby's corporate HQ, cuts the power, and locks the building down. In Turnover, you play Clea Holden, a Bartleby worker who becomes caught in the middle of the crisis. Coming to the conclusion that the situation is too volatile, Clea hatches a plan to escape. She must find freedom, armed with only her patience and wits.


Development of Turnover began in earnest in October 2013 after a successful test of a 2D game engine. Turnover completed a success KickStarter campaign on August 29, 2014, and the funds were used to establish the business side of development and aid production.


  • 29 levels of challenging stealth gameplay for Windows, Linux, & OS X.
  • Use cover, remain silent, and stay alert to avoid enemies. Use the clang of a wrench to distract, spray a fire extinguisher to obstruct view, and more to help you slip by.
  • Enemies react to the environment, staying alert for noise and working together to hunt down targets.
  • Recruit and protect fellow workers as they disable security networks. Enlist the help of Rent a Cops to help you take down patrols.
  • Find hidden perks to help you gain the edge and increase your chances of survival.
  • 3 difficulty modes to chose from: Easy, Normal, and Hard.


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Selected Articles

  • "Turnover offers the classic top-down game with a stealth twist, which makes you memorize patterns, use walls wisely, and try to stay quiet."
    - Mason Lindblad, OpNoobs
  • "This constant puzzle solving throughout the core stealth gameplay added a new layer to the game as it forces you to think about your next move and plan methodically to get to the next area. Keeping you going while all this is happening is an awesome 8-bit score rife with neat sound effects and an overall eerie tone."
    - Ahmed Mohamed, COGConnected
  • "Main character Clea is a mathematician – she’s not your typical muscle-bound video game hero. Instead of the use of crazy combat skills or weaponry, Turnover instead focuses on using your cunning and wit to survive. There’s a heavy emphasis on stealth, so you’ll need to put a lot of thought into each action you take."
    - Daz, Use A Potion

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