Long Division LLC is Anthony Nichols, a solo game developer residing in the USA.
You can get in touch with me at anthndev[at]gmail[dot]com


Status: Released December 15, 2015
OS: Windows, Linux, and Mac.
Genre: Stealth/Political/Dystopian

| Fanatical

“In a dystopian future, a powerful corporation hires a private security firm to execute a violent takeover of a competitor’s HQ. Caught in the middle, brave office worker Clea attempts a stealthy escape. “

The Man in the Cape: Special Edition

Status: Released October 17, 2017
OS: Windows
Genre: Twin Stick Shooter/Arcade


“In retaliation for using his roof as a city lookout point, The Man in the Cape is captured and left for dead in Mr. Granderson’s superhero elimination dungeon. To escape, the determined Capeman must blast his way past Granderson’s horde of malcontents.